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Combo Handmade Tableware - Beige

You get a playful effect by the mixed sizes and patterns. The pudding bowl is in a mixed pattern, the spaghetti bowl is plain, the entree plate is in a mixed pattern and the dinner plate is back in a plain warm grey.

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120,00 incl. TAX

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120,00 incl. TAX

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150,00 incl. TAX

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Used together with the Large dinner, Standard dinner, Side plates plus the Dessert, Soup and Pasta bowls, this piece completes the dinnerware collection.

Wonki Ware is 100% hand-made and totally special where no less than 15 individuals are apart of the creations. Irregularities in size, glaze and texture, reflect the many human touches received during the making process and should be embraced.

Wonki Ware is a collection that is meant to be mixed and matched. There are approximately 40 different designs, which makes it impossible to supply a piece with a particular pattern. The pattern you receive, may or may not be the one depicted in the image shown.

Beach Sand – This is an elegant finish where the plain wash has an unglazed edge

This plate combines perfectly with the 28 cm art well plain diner plate, the spaghetti bowl in plain color and the flat pudding in mixed pattern. warm grey.

sold by set of 6

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Very efficient service.


Great idea the melting pot glasses. I chose the color Amethyst. Deep warm colors what makes my table setting even more attractive.


Great service. Got directly an apply on my question

Ingrid P.


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4.6 /5

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