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Dishwasher and maintenance tips for glassware

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Water hardness

The major player in the use of a dishwasher is the properties of the water, especially its hardness. Very soft water can result in clouded glass(deformations in the surface of the glass), while very hard water can leave deposits on the surface of the glasses. We advise you to find out the water hardness and adjust the dishwasher settings accordingly.


Wash temperature

The ideal temperature for washing glassware in a dishwasher is max 55°C. Too high temperature can result again in clouded glass.


Dishwasher salt and rinse aid

Use the correct quantities of dishwasher salt and rinse aid, appropriate for local water hardness, to ensure that glassware comes out of the dishwasher hygienic, clean and sparkling.


Wash cycle

We recommend using the dishwasher’s glassware cycle for washing glasses, and dosing the detergent powder or gel as directed. Use less dishwasher detergent if the dishwasher is not completely full.

Be aware that the dishwasher’s “eco” cycle reduces the amount of water used. If you use this cycle, therefore, you will also need to reduce the amount of detergent to avoid clouded glass.












Other dishwasher tips

  • We do not recommend rinsing soiled crockery with water; just scrape clean before loading the dishwasher. Otherwise, the detergent may not respond to the soiling, and there is a risk of clouded glassware surfaces.
  • If you find spots of limescale or water droplets on the surfaces of glassware, add more rinse aid.
  • If the glass takes on a rainbow hue, reduce the amount of rinse aid.
  • To remove cloudiness in the form of rainbow hue or limescale deposits, steep glassware in vinegar overnight.
  • Open the dishwasher when it has finished to let the humid air out, allowing the glasses to dry more rapidly. Leaving glasses exposed to a humid, hot environment for a long time can cause clouding.
  • Make sure that glasses do not knock together inside the dishwasher, as this can easily result in surface scratches.

Other tips for maintaining glassware

  • Do not store glasses heads down in the cupboard. Any residual moisture from washing can cause a moisture chamber in the glasses which will “attack” the surface of the glass, leading in turn to cloudiness.