About us

Karin & Justin, a mother – son team. Our goal is to inspire you and help to make your home a reflection of yourself, to create a home where details to make the difference. By choosing the right accents, you can create a complete different atmosphere in your house.

But our aim is not only to inspire you. Our business is also based on four important pillars, that we value. The quality of the product, craftsmanship, ethical and ecological production and value to the customer are for us very important.

Therefore, before we collaborate with a brand, we require them to share those same values.

AMAMEMAISON - about us
Amame Maison - about - quality


For a product to be selected for our web shop, it has to adhere to strict standards:

  • a clear and traceable origin
  • Transparency the materials used
  • Durability


  • The products must be made in a unique way
  • The textiles that used must be of the best quality
  • Professionalism and honesty of the design
Amame Maison - about - craftmanship

Ethical and ecological production

  • Ecological and environmental mindfulness of the brand causes
  • A charitable aspect to their mission
  • A compensational and appreciative policy for the employees and craftsmen involved in the production process

Value to the customer

  • The inspiration and history behind the brand
  • Fair price – quality ratio
  • Meaningfulness to the customers and our partnerships