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Kaya Grand set

The grand set is a combination of a bread plate, a small jug and a salt bowl

Available in 3 colors

61,00 incl. TAX

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The Kaya grand set contains

  • a bread plate     H 1,2 cm x ø 15 cm
  • small jug            H 6,8 cm x ø 5,5 cm
  • salt bowl            H 2,5 cm x ø 5,5 cm

This Vietnamese handmade collection of individually unique plates, cups and bowls are made of high-quality porcelain.  Soft and valuable in its color and form, each piece is special in its appearance.

There are in total 4 plate sizes, three bowls variants and two cups.  The delicate matt tones eggshell and greige-ecru as well as the fine shining white-clear determine the colors picture of the exquisite composition of the collection.

All the Cups can be used in the microwave as well as in the dishwasher.

They come in 3 colors  Eggshell, Greige-ecru, and shiny white.

Eggshell and shiny white are the same color with the exception that eggshell is matt and shiny white is shiny.

The Tiny collection

Small jug  H6,8 x ø 5,5

Tiny Jug  H 4,8 x 4cm

Small Bowl H 2,5 x ø 5,5cm

Salt Bowl  H 3,5 x ø 5,5 cm

Small Cup H 3,5 x  ø 5,5 cm

Mini Cup H 3,3 x ø 4,8 cm


What our customers say...

Very efficient service.


Great idea the melting pot glasses. I chose the color Amethyst. Deep warm colors what makes my table setting even more attractive.


Great service. Got directly an apply on my question

Ingrid P.


Review score:

4.6 /5

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