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Kaya H Bowl - set of 2

sold as a set of 2

Dessert Bowl     H 5 cm | Ø 11 cm

Soup Bowl          H  5 cm | Ø 16,5 cm

Grand Bowl        H5 cm | Ø 19,5 cm

62,00118,00 incl. TAX

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The KAYA H series – short for “Hospitality” – consists of carefully handcrafted plates, cups and bowls made of high-quality porcelain. These pieces not only impress with their soft, noble coloring and their appealing shape, but also with a durability which meets demanding requirements.
Each element of the KAYA H series is individually manufactured and unique. The collection includes a total of five different plate sizes, three variations of bowls and four cups as well as seven special small pieces for dining entertainment. As for all of our products, we attach great importance to sustainable conditions during theproduction of KAYA H both socially and ecologically

Sold by a set of 2

Grand Dinner Plate

height 1,2 cm | Ø 28 cm

Dinner Plate

height 1,2 cm | Ø 24 cm

Dessert Plate

height 1,2 cm | Ø 19,5 cm

Bread/Breakfast Plate

height 1,2 cm | Ø 15 cm

Small Plate

height 1,2 cm | Ø 12 cm

Grand Bowl -sold by 2 

height 5 cm | Ø 19,5 cm

Soup Bowl – sold by 2

height 5 cm | Ø 16,5 cm

Dessert Bowl – sold by 2

height 5 cm | Ø 11 cm

Latte Cup

height 10 cm | Ø 7,5 cm

Cortado Cup

height 7 cm | Ø 6,5 cm

Tea/Cappuccino Cup

height 6 cm | Ø 8,5 cm

Espresso Cup

height 6,7 cm | Ø 5 cmMaterial



Sri Lanka


shiny-white| matte-black

What our customers say...

Very efficient service.


Great idea the melting pot glasses. I chose the color Amethyst. Deep warm colors what makes my table setting even more attractive.


Great service. Got directly an apply on my question

Ingrid P.


Review score:

4.6 /5

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