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Kaya H Tiny

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KAYA H TINY – a little amuse-bouche set from the kitchen always makes a big impression. This exquisite ensemble consists of two different jugs and four unique, small bowls that can be combined individually. The handmade series is available in the colors shiny-white and matte-black. These pieces not only convince with their noble coloring and appealing shape, but also with a robustness which meets the demanding requirements of the hospitality industry.

KAYA H TINY is a well-combined ensemble which supports the presentation of your unique creations to your guests on an elegantly set table. THE TINY jugs are designed in a size that this just a thumb when pottering.
KAYA H TINY is made in  in Sri Lanka, where Maomi  support the company in its efforts to ensure fair wages, establish social standards and gender equality in the local labor market.
This functional set is dishwasher, microwave and food safe.

Small Bowl

  • height 3 cm | Ø 6,7 cmSmall Cup

Salt Bowl

  • height 2 cm | Ø 5,5 cmMini Cup

Small Cup

height 3,5 cm | Ø 5,5 cmSmall Jug

Small Jug 

height 6,8 cm | Ø 6 cm

Mini Cup

height 3,3 cm | Ø 4,8 cmTiny Jug

Tiny Jug 

height 4,8 cm | Ø 4 cm




Sri Lanka


  • shiny-white
  • matte-black

What our customers say...

Very efficient service.


Great idea the melting pot glasses. I chose the color Amethyst. Deep warm colors what makes my table setting even more attractive.


Great service. Got directly an apply on my question

Ingrid P.


Review score:

4.6 /5

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